Rod Paulson Inc. is experienced in all aspects of active mine closures and mine closures on Abandoned Mine Lands (AML).

We offer pre-closure surveys and make proposals and recommendations on all possible closure methods. This work can incorporate the installation of wildlife exclusion screening prior to final closure.

We provide mechanical closures with heavy equipment, hand closures in remote and inaccessible locations, and polyurethane foam (PUF) closures on shafts, winzes, mine audits, and openings where it is suitable. We also fabricate and install bat gates, bat cupolas and all forms of custom-made entries that prevent unauthorized access into mines to be used for wildlife habitats. These gates can include concrete or metal piping to strengthen weak portals. We fabricate conventional heavy steel bat gates as well as a new pipe gate design that does not require vehicle access for installation. All gates can be fabricated to your requirements as well as match the unique condition of your particular site.

We have rough terrain equipment and vehicles to transport workers, materials and tools to remote locations where off road travel is allowed. All RPI employees take part in and maintain OSHA 10, MSHA 46, and 48, CPR, First Aid training. Every employee attends site specific training for each job they participate in. Each crew conducts daily safety meetings that address site specific hazards and construction hazards that may be encountered during the day. When a hazard that has not been covered is encountered, progress will not continue until safety concerns have been met.

OSHA and MSHA classes instructed by:
Halsey Technologies
Sharon Halsey
661.350.5370 or 760.559.5540

Rod Paulson Inc. customers include:

  • The Bureau of Land Management
  • The National Park Service
  • The Department of Fish and Game
  • US Borax
  • Rio Tinto Minerals
  • Rio Tinto Americas
  • American Borate Company
  • Bat Conservation International (BCI)